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michael1From the desk of Michael Austin, youth basketball expert, and editor of Basketball Coach Weekly

Dear Basketball Coach,

Regular, proven basketball drills delivered direct to your desktop, tablet or mobile

You know the feeling. You’re just back from work and practice is looming. What are your plans, coach?

Do you reach for the “same old” session and hope no one notices, or start searching online for something new? Could you do without the stress of hoping that something good will turn up?

If you can spare three minutes to read on, I’d like to explain why Basketball Coach Weekly offers a value-for-money solution to this common problem, plus many other benefits that will help you as a coach.

A subscription to Basketball Coach Weekly means you can:

  • Enjoy the convenience of never being short of ideas for training
  • Always have a new drill, game or activity ready, from shooting and defending, to dribbling, screening, and inbounds
  • Save valuable time, with no more random searching for drills, or slaving over computer software to create them
  • Give yourself space to concentrate on the other things a coach has to do (and as you know, there are lots of these)

Basketball Coach Weekly offers proven and easy-to-use basketball drills, coaching sessions, practice plans, warm-ups, training tips and advice – every week, so you don’t have to worry about where your next drill or session plan is coming from. Many of our subscribers say they wish they had benefited from Basketball Coach Weekly at an earlier stage in their coaching careers.



All the resources you receive each week as a subscriber are created for the grassroots youth coach following best practice from around the world and insights from the professional and collegiate game. Our qualified coaches provide only drills and activities they have tested themselves, ensuring that you receive only those that are easy to coach, and they make sure that young players “get” the concepts without too much effort.

Easy to use

Basketball Coach Weekly drills are clear, simple and get the coaching points over usually in three illustrations, allowing us to show the movement of players and time, something impossible in a single image. They are designed to be easily read and understood on PC, tablet, or mobile, and are also printable so you can take hard copies to training and hand them out to assistants. The page layout is specially designed to minimise expensive toner costs, by reducing heavy ink requirements wherever possible and to ensure that the colour drills can still be understood when printed in black and white.

3 point plays

A sample of the clear, concise content in each issue of Basketball Coach Weekly.

Every week on a Wednesday you’ll get great new activities, including attacking and defending, ball control, fitness and motivation, sent direct to your email inbox. The activities are appropriate for a range of age groups from U7 to adult.


Consistent and reliable

The service runs 52 weeks a year, and has been serving basketball coaches around the world since 2012. Like them, you will appreciate not having to search for or create new drills for every new coaching session you run. You’ll be able to build a library of your favourite activities but will be reassured to know that something new will arrive for you to try each week.

Tips and advice

Basketball Coach Weekly doesn’t just do proven, easy to use drills, it also provides tips and advice on how to coach for the benefit of the players through our Art of Coaching series of articles. They cover team management and selection, dealing with difficult players and their parents, psychology, fitness and nutrition, and refereeing.

Delivered to your PC, tablet or mobile

Within seconds of signing up you’ll get the current idea-filled issue of Basketball Coach Weekly in ebook format delivered direct to your email inbox. View on any PC, tablet or mobile.

Make your life easier – the hard work is done for you

So stop worrying about the practicalities of delivering meaningful and progressive training sessions for your players, and concentrate on other important areas like building personal relationships, providing one-to-one attention, and working on team spirit and motivation.

Subscribe to immediately start getting the benefits of regular delivery, consistent quality and convenience from basketball drills you can trust.


Here’s what some existing subscribers say about Basketball Coach Weekly:

John Allen, Forsyth Country Day School Girls’ Basketball Coach, AAU Boys’ Championship Coach, AAU National Boys Basketball Commissioner:

“The new format of Basketball Coach Weekly has been extremely helpful to me from a coaching standpoint as well as a reader standpoint.

As a reader, I always gain insight from coaches that are at the top of their game, and how they got there and maintain that level of excellence.

From a coaching standpoint, we have adopted sharing the pages of the plays with our players for their pictorial impact. It provides an outstanding visual aid that is sometimes lost with ‘Xs and Os’ or using numbers on a whiteboard. Players have been able to actually see a visual of player movement, which has been quite helpful.

Thank you Mike and your editorial staff for a great, concise and informative publication.”

Wade Wolff, Colfax Youth Development League – Director:

“I am a former High School Mens Varsity Basketball coach (20 years) and now coach youth girls and boys. We used a very successful, yet rigid, fundamental development program at the HS level and had great success, the same formula did not work with youth players. Michael’s magazine has helped me find new ways of seeing the game and strategies to reach youth players successfully. I highly recommend this magazine to any and all coaches to keep their practices fresh and to further any coach’s basketball IQ.”

Coach James Doepke, Southwestern High School Varsity Girls:

“I am the head Varsity Ladies Coach at Southwestern High School in Hazel Green, WI. I look forward to seeing your weekly report and I use several of the drills in practice. I try to incorporate one new drill from your articles into my week of practice just to change it up and give the girls something different to keep them thinking.

I am in the process of rebuilding a program so my focus is on fundamentals and continued development. This is where I find your weekly updates most helpful. Basketball Coach Weekly is a quick hit, easy to learn and incorporate s new drills. It also comes from various coaches at all levels who are having success with rebounding, scoring, defensive transition, etc.

I would definitely recommend Basketball Coach Weekly to any basketball coach. I find it very helpful to give me some additional tips and pointers to continue to develop not only my team but also my skills.”

Greg Thompson, coach, U16s boys, Victoria, Australia:

“I love the drills you have included in Basketball Coach Weekly. Each week I really look forward to soaking up all the useful information provided in each new issue.

As a coach I am always learning and I am a firm believer that to be a good coach you must continue to improve your education on the game, and the more information I get, the more confident I become as a basketball coach.

I have noticed the improvement in my coaching skills. I find your weekly issues the best and most informative source of information available.

I coach a boys’ U16s team in Victoria, Australia, and as I am sure you would be aware, this age group thrives on hard work but also enjoy some fun drills that take away some of the pressures of learning plays, etc.

For the record, our team has improved so much that we have finished the season on top of our division with a record of 11 wins and 1 loss, last season we were middle of the pack with a 30%:70% win:loss ratio.

It has been a remarkable turnaround, much of the improvement can be attributed to the information supplied by Basketball Coach Weekly.

Thank you for making my life as a coach so much easier.”

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Yours in basketball


Michael Austin

Head Coach, Basketball Coach Weekly

P.S. Just think how much time and effort you’ll save each week, simply from using Basketball Coach Weekly. No more searching the internet to find something to do with your team. It’s all taken care of.