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Steal From The NBA Game

Armed with the greatest technology and vast resources, the NBA is the first place to turn when you are looking for new and improved sets for your playbook. MORE

Get The 2, Don’t Force A 3

Too many teams want to set up a 3-point play late in the game when trailing by 3 points when a quick 2-pointer allows you a better chance to score and extend the game. MORE

Screener Curls High, Has Open 3

The movements of this set shift the defense enough to bring your shooter to the top for a 3-point attempt after setting a screen along the baseline. MORE

The Midrange Game

CJ McCollum proves smaller guards don’t have to settle for long-range jumpers all the time to be effective. MORE

Be The Fastest To 10

This shooting drills doubles as a conditioner as players constantly are sprinting, catching, shooting mid-range jumpers … then sprinting again. MORE

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'2-line closeouts' stress help

‘2-line closeouts’ stress help

From Chad Warner, the head men’s coach at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Help defense is the cornerstone of all great defensive teams so teach players the proper way to help and the energy needed to play defense properly. Why use it If your help defense is a step slow, then your entire defensive... MORE

'Double-double' damages defenses

‘Double-double’ damages defenses

From Basketball Coach Weekly Start with a pair of low screens as players cross, then a pair of screens to bring players from the weak side to the ball side, which sets up reversal and an eventual drive to the hoop. Why use it With so many screens in this one set, man defenses are bound... MORE

'Voodoo' Conjures Up 3 Options

‘Voodoo’ Conjures Up 3 Options

The actions aren’t that complicated but produce 3 legitimate scoring options — one of which is a corner 3-pointer while the other two are high-percentage shots near the rim. Why use it This essentially is a two-man play as 3 and 5 hang near the perimeter to pull their defenders away from the action. This... MORE

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