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Change Options When Entering To 1-4 High Leads To Backdoor Lob

Change Options When Entering To 1-4 High Leads To...

A guard runs off a pair of inside screens by the forwards at the elbows to come free on the backside for a lob pass at the hoop for a high-percentage shot.   Why use it   1-4 High set plays clear space near the hoop. By creating movements on the perimeter, it keeps defensive... MORE

Side-Stack, Cross-Court Jumper

Side-Stack, Cross-Court Jumper

An off-the-ball double screen stymies the defenders who can’t recover in time to challenge the open mid-range jumper. Why use is Move the inbounder to the opposite corner and shift the defense. A right-side double screen frees your shooter. Set up Stack three players on the lane line closest to sideline where the ball is... MORE

Create 4 options from 1 play

Create 4 options from 1 play

Keep your players screening and moving so the defense simply can’t take away one scoring opportunity — and if one fails, teach your players patience as another chance emerges.   Why use it   Horns plays are fantastic for creating multiple options. This one keeps the ball moving around the elbows while screening away and... MORE

The Mile...In 56 Speed-Dribble Segments

The Mile…In 56 Speed-Dribble Segments

Jogging a mile either in multiple laps around the gym or outside on the track doesn’t simulate game conditions — use the ‘Basketball Mile’ to build endurance the right way.   Why use it   So much time is wasted and lost on half-speed, long-distance running in an effort to build conditioning in basketball players.... MORE

Cover The Court With ‘40 In 3 Drill’

Cover The Court With ‘40 In 3 Drill’

Knock down shots from all over the floor in this competitive drill pitting paired players against each other to make 40 specified shots in 3 minutes … or advance as far as possible.   Why use it   Adding a competitive element to any shooting drill makes it more effective for your players. Plus, as... MORE

‘Last Man Standing’ Tests Toughness

‘Last Man Standing’ Tests Toughness

3 players enter, only 1 leaves the winner… and that player must battle to secure rebounds, score while being contested and shake off hard fouls to maintain concentration. Why use it This drill is all about toughness. It is pure mental and physical toughness. Often times a referee does not see a player get fouled... MORE

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'2-line closeouts' stress help

‘2-line closeouts’ stress help

From Chad Warner, the head men’s coach at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Help defense is the cornerstone of all great defensive teams so teach players the proper way to help and the energy needed to play defense properly. Why use it If your help defense is a step slow, then your entire defensive... MORE

'Double-double' damages defenses

‘Double-double’ damages defenses

From Basketball Coach Weekly Start with a pair of low screens as players cross, then a pair of screens to bring players from the weak side to the ball side, which sets up reversal and an eventual drive to the hoop. Why use it With so many screens in this one set, man defenses are bound... MORE

'Voodoo' Conjures Up 3 Options

‘Voodoo’ Conjures Up 3 Options

The actions aren’t that complicated but produce 3 legitimate scoring options — one of which is a corner 3-pointer while the other two are high-percentage shots near the rim. Why use it This essentially is a two-man play as 3 and 5 hang near the perimeter to pull their defenders away from the action. This... MORE

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