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‘Close & Board’ Creates Competition

A big part of rebounding comes on perimeter shots when defenders first need to close out on a shooter, then box out that responsibility to get in perfect position to secure the ball. WHY USE IT This is a drill for all players but especially important for guards who primarily are closing out on shooters... MORE

Go Back To Score In The Frontcourt

Rather than simply being content with controlling the tap in the backcourt, run this play to screen an unsuspecting defender and create a layup opportunity at the hoop. MORE

‘Tip Forward’ Starts Your Scoring

When you have a leaping advantage in the center circle, use it by tipping the ball forward to start and having your wings sprint toward the hoop on opposite sides of the floor MORE

‘Follow’ Forces Focus, Accuracy

The ball moves quickly around the perimeter and focus is critical as 4 basketballs and 8 players are used in this drill to sharpen long-distance shooting. MORE

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'2-line closeouts' stress help

‘2-line closeouts’ stress help

From Chad Warner, the head men’s coach at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Help defense is the cornerstone of all great defensive teams so teach players the proper way to help and the energy needed to play defense properly. Why use it If your help defense is a step slow, then your entire defensive... MORE

'Double-double' damages defenses

‘Double-double’ damages defenses

From Basketball Coach Weekly Start with a pair of low screens as players cross, then a pair of screens to bring players from the weak side to the ball side, which sets up reversal and an eventual drive to the hoop. Why use it With so many screens in this one set, man defenses are bound... MORE

'Voodoo' Conjures Up 3 Options

‘Voodoo’ Conjures Up 3 Options

The actions aren’t that complicated but produce 3 legitimate scoring options — one of which is a corner 3-pointer while the other two are high-percentage shots near the rim. Why use it This essentially is a two-man play as 3 and 5 hang near the perimeter to pull their defenders away from the action. This... MORE

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