Wildcat Backdoor

Flood the left side, use a high backdoor screen and unleash your leaping guard toward the basket for an easy scoring opportunity

Move a shooter into the corner and a forward into prime post-up position on the left side to place defensive focus away from the backside of the court.

The backdoor-cutting guard starts with the ball at the top. The screener is positioned on the free-throw line slightly to the right.

Move the action left by running the right-block player to the left corner while the forward on the left side sets a pin screen for a guard coming to the wing. The pass is made to the left wing [1]. On the pass, the forward comes out of the pin screen and establishes post-up position. The screener at the freethrow line steps high and the initial ball handler cuts off the screen [2]. The wing initially looks into the post and to the corner to keep the defense thinking left, then he lofts an alley-oop pass over the top for the easy score [3].

Basketball shooting play

Have the wing focus his eyes on the left side of the court to keep the defense honest. If the backdoor play isn’t there, look to feed the post. But the first option is to toss the lob pass over the top where the defense can’t get it.

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