Slip High For 3-Pointer

A talented point guard draws defensive attention off the dribble, which allows for an outside-shooting post player to make an easy slip and fade for an open jumper

Your point guard is dribbling at the top of the set as the remaining players are in a 4-Low look. The posts are near the blocks with the guards in opposite corners. The actions begin with about 10 seconds remaining on the clock.

2 relocates from the corner to the opposite elbow as 4 comes high. 3 runs the baseline [diagram 1].

3 continues along the baseline to the opposite corner. 2 continues toward the corner from which 3 has just left. 4 moves a bit higher to set a ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles right, draws both defenders and 4 slips the screen. 4 fades a bit toward the left wing [diagram 2].

Once 1 has both defenders guarding him or her, 1 passes to 4. 4 catches and shoots before defensive rotations have a chance to stop the shot [diagram 3].

4 sells making a hard perimeter ball screen but actually slips through it. The sell keeps attention on 1 and allows 4 to get free enough to create space for the shot.

    1. Rather than a simple pick-and-pop at the top, create other movements outside the main focus to draw attention in other areas of the floor
    2. 4 sprints high to get into position for the upcoming ball screen — 4 runs behind 2, so 2 initiates the action

    3. 4 comes hard into the ball screen but then slips it and fades to the opposite wing
    4. 1 dribbles with purpose to the right, which draws defensive attention from both defenders as they think 1 may want to attack the rim

    5. This is a catch-and-shoot, which isn’t hurried, but must be done before either perimeter defender has an opportunity to rotate back and close out

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