Screen and Flash To The Hoop

Screen and Flash To The Hoop

Run this simple out-of-bounds play from the University of Wisconsin, which pushed the
Badgers to a 9-point, second-half lead in the national title game.

Why use this screen & flash to the hoop play

  • Defenders are forced to cover perimeter action with two players moving and spread around the 3-point chance.

Set up the play

  • Start in what looks like a Horns set with your two big players at the elbows, and two guards near the corners. For Wisconsin, Frank
    Kaminsky is at the right elbow (5).

How to play

  • 4 screens for 1 as 5 comes across and sets another screen if 1 needs it.
  • 1 curls high. 3 moves from the ball-side to the weak-side corner [1].
  • As the defense focuses on 1 and 3 on the perimeter, 5 flashes to the
    ball after setting the screen.
  • 2 makes the pass to 5 [2].
  • 5 goes up strong and fights off the defenders, possibly drawing a foul.
  • 2 comes into play and 3 moves out of the corner in prep for transition
    defense [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this screen-and-roll play

Screen and Flash to The Hoop Play

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • It helps if 5 can score with either hand as in this example, the right-handed Kaminsky caught the ball slightly to the left of the hoop, so he powered the ball up with his left hand and scored.
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