Baseline out-of-bounds play to sneak in an open shot

Place your bigger posts on the ball-side of the 4 across set so they can screen for the two shooters and create an open jumper.

Why use this out-of-bounds play?

As defenses jump to stop the initial shooter curling around a double screen, sneak the second shooter around a second double screen and create an open shot.

Setting up this play is easy

Tell your players to…

  • Start in a typical 4-across formation with the posts occupying the two spots on the ball side and the shooters on the weak side of the set.

How to perform this out-of-bounds play

  • 4 and 5 turn toward the shooters, step out and set a double screen as the inside shooter (3) curls around the screen [1].
  • 2 fakes the pass to 3, who then clears to the opposite side.
  • 4 and 5 take another step out and set a double screen for 1.
  • 1 curls around the double screen and comes free on the right side [2].
  • 4 and 5 roll to the hoop. 3 boxes out. 1 steps to the ball and receives the pass from 2, then shoots in rhythm [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this play

Baseline out-of-bounds play to sneak in an open shot

Get the technique right to perform this play effectively

  • The first option is a pass to 1 for the jumper but 2 keeps an eye on 4 and 5 rolling to the hoop as one of them could be open as the defense attempts to recover
  • 2 and 3 must sell the pass fake. Have 2 make a hard fake with 3 rushing toward the ball with hands in a ready position.
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