Double curl sets up wing jumper from Maryland

From the University of Maryland playbook

Run a pair of curls on the right side of the floor to generate defensive attention, then have the original curler come around again for a catch-and-shoot opportunity.

Why use it

Maryland trailed Michigan State by eight points with 11 minutes remaining in the Big Ten Conference Tournament semi-final game. The Terps ran this play to create defensive confusion, force attention below the 3-point line, then rip the opponent with a shot from the wing.

Set up

From a box set, the point guard is dribbling at the top. Your posts are at the elbows and the guards are lower near the blocks.

How to play

5 steps low and sets a screen for 2. 2 moves high and curls around 5’s screen. 4 then steps toward the middle to set another screen for 2. 2 continues around 4’s screen to the left side as 3 cuts through the lane to the right block [1]. 5 then steps a bit lower now to set a screen for 3. 3 makes a tight curl around 5’s screen and flashes to the middle. 2 dives to the opposite block [2]. 2 now comes around another 5 screen as attention is on 3 in the middle. 2 curls to the wing. 4 moves toward the hoop. 1 passes to 2 for the jumper [3].


3 must sell the tight curl with high hands so defenders think the ball is going to the middle, which leaves the right wing wide open for 2. 1 must be patient waiting for all the movements to occur and give 3 a look as if the pass is coming 3’s way.

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