Disguise The Typical Clear-Out Set

Central Florida wanted the ball in its ball handler’s hands going to the rim but utilized other action to add in an element of surprise.

So many teams go to a predictable clear-out play for the best ball handler/ scorer when desperately needing a bucket near the end of the game. This play eliminates the "typical" and accomplishes the same goal.

When holding for the final shot, place a couple guards near mid-court, and the remaining three players align on the weak side — corner, elbow and post.

With 12 seconds remaining on the clock, send the nonball- handling guard (2) to a spot between 4 and 5. Start the rest of the actions with eight seconds remaining. 5 comes out and screens for 3 who relocates to the ball-side block as 4 moves from weak to strong elbow [1]. 1 now attacks his/her defender with the dribble. 4 turns and screens his/her defender as the remaining three players clear to the perimeter to create space [2]. 1 takes the shot at the rim with 2, 4 and 5 crashing the boards as 3 circles around in case a kickout pass is needed [3].

Disguise The Typical Clear-Out Set

Central Florida used this play to defeat Houston last month. The extra action disguises that this play simply is a clear-outand- attack set.

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