3 Counters Confuse Opponents

Run these 3 counters to keep teams on their heels.

Every great play can be stopped, especially by a team that has scouted you. When you need counters off the initial action, use any of these three movements.

Run through the early motions from page 4 with 1 dribbling right, using his or her eyes to engage the defense, making a bounce pass to 5, then coming around for a fake handoff. Now, change things a bit.

In the first instance. If you find 1 and 2’s defenders switching the low screen, simply have 1 slip and receive a backdoor pass [diagram 1].

Another option is to fake a handoff to 2 coming high, then 5 puts the ball on the floor and attacks [diagram 2].

A final counter is to have 2 circle the perimeter all the way to the right side coming off a screen from 4. 5 simply pivots and fires a backside pass to 2, or even have 2 break off the curl and cut toward the hoop on the backside [diagram 3].

In the final option, be sure 3 relocates from the right wing to the left corner for spacing purposes.  Also, ensure the initial movements as shown on page 4 are executed exactly the same so the defense doesn’t suspect a counter is coming.

    1. When the defenders guarding 1 and 2 switch on this screen to stop the open 3-pointer, simply have 1 slip to the hoop for a pass and open layup

    2. In this option, 2 runs closer to 5 and the two execute a fake handoff to keep the defenders guessing who has the ball
    3. 5 doesn’t give the ball to 2 but instead pivots, drops a dribble and explodes to the hoop for a high-percentage shot with no one guarding the rim

    4. Move 3 to the left corner for spacing purposes when you want to attack the right side in the final counter
    5. 2 looks at 5 for the kickout pass on the left side but then sprints to the right wing off a screen from 4

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