1v1 shooting drill for constant movement

The shooter covers a lot of ground in 2 minutes while trying to make more shots than miss and get the score into the 5- to 7-point range.

Why use this drill

  1. Get players out of the stand-still shooting funk in the offseason by suggesting this game, which requires constant movement.

Setting up this drill

  • The drill requires a shooter and a rebounder. Eventually, the rebound gets an opportunity to shoot and compete against the first shooter’s score.

How to play

  • The initial shooter takes the first shot from an elbow. Make the shot and sprint to the opposite sideline, then move to that sideline’s elbow as therebounder gathers the ball [1].
  • The rebounder passes to the shooter, who takes the shot.
  • Make it and continue the movement by running to the opposite side.
  • Miss it (as shown) and the shooter rebounds the ball [2].
  • Grab the missed shot, shoot the layout, sprint to the opposite sideline and move to the elbow.
  • The rebounder grabs the ball after the layup and readies to pass to the elbow [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this drill

1v1 drill for constant movement

Get the technique right to perform drill effectively

  • A made shot is +1 and a missed shot is -1. Shoot for two minutes and the goal is to score 5 to 7 points.
  • Players should make their own goal and realize some NBA players struggle to get to 7.
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