Basketball plays

Screen and Flash To The Hoop

Screen and Flash To The Hoop Run this simple out-of-bounds play from the University of Wisconsin, which pushed the Badgers to a 9-point, second-half lead in the national title game. Why use this screen & flash to the hoop play Defenders are forced to cover perimeter action with two players moving and spread around the […]

Arizona Screen-and-Roll Play

The defense thinks this is a screen-and-roll from the right side but a couple extra layers allows your players to attack from the left and score. Why use this screen-and-roll play Initial screen-and-roll action forces the defense to make a decision and once the ball moves left, your offense has an advantage. Set up Same […]

Ball Screen, Drive and Kick

Take another 3-point set out of Coach K’s playbook utilizing a high ball screen, dribble penetration and relocating to a shooting window. Why use this out-of-bounds play Duke’s offense sets up so many open 3-pointers because Blue Devil playersare patient and know if they execute the proper movements, they will be in position to shoot. […]

Slip the screen to beat the defense and score

Why use this play Run enough ball screens on the wing and defenders begin knowing your tendencies. Have the screener slip the screen and force the defense back on its heels. Set up The point guard has the ball on the right wing withanother guard close and a forward moving to the ballside corner. How […]

Create a catch and drive opportunity

An initial high screen and cross with another guard leads to the scorer moving low, then coming off a second screen for a catch-and-drive opportunity. Why use this play Use a couple of screens to create space for a talented ball handler. Set up All five players begin above the free-throw line with the two […]

Play to set up an open shot

Why use this play? Defenses tend to forget about the initial screener. So, run this play off another screen and set up an open shot. The rolling second screener also may be open heading to the hoop. Setting up this play is easy Organize your player so that… 1 dribbling on the right side. 2 […]

Transition Post Pop & Screener Action

Use your trailing big man to set a high ball screen, which eventually leads to a pass back and your center flashing high or the point curling off a low screen. WHY USE IT As defenses scramble back in transition, a high ball screen opens multiple scoring options, which includes the point guard coming off […]