Tight Spaces, Clean Passes

Using the volleyball lines on your gym floor, players are in condensed areas in which to run, cut, pass and catch providing the defense with an advantage

Beating pressure comes down to smart decision making, fast cuts and accurate passes. Drill all these skills in this 2-on-2 workout.

Use the volleyball lines and boxes on the floor. There are three volleyball lines within its confines. Place a pair of partners in each box. Players are not allowed to leave their assigned boxes.

Players go 2-on-2 without the use of a dribble. The potential pass receiver cuts and works to get open [1]. On the completion of the pass, the new on-ball defender closes out aggressively and leaves little room for the new ball handler to work [2]. The initial passer now is the receiver and begins cutting. This person is trying to read the defenders to find an opening in the tight space [3]. Move quickly and catch the defense on its heels.

If a pass is deflected or the defense steals the ball, possession changes immediately. This means the action moves quickly in this drill. There is no time to relax. The goal is to complete 30 passes before the other partner group in the assigned box.

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