Team ‘Triple Shot’ Ups The Competition

Split your squad into two teams at opposite baskets, then have each player execute 3 shots of varying depth while keeping track of which group makes the most shots.


This is a great way to get players cheering on their teammates while building shooting skills. 


Split your entire team into two separate groups and place each group at opposite baskets. Be sure the teams possess roughly the same shooting skill sets. There is a player on the left wing with a ball, a player at the top with a ball and a player on the right wing with a ball. The remaining players line up behind the left-wing player.


The left-wing play dribbles toward the baseline and takes a pull-up jumper, then follows the shot into the lane [1]. After getting inside the lane, the shooter sprints back to the 3-point line, stops, plants and cuts back toward the hoop. The player at the top throws a leading pass for the layup. After making the pass, 2 runs to the back of the left line [2]. After the layup, the shooter curls to the opposite elbow and receives a pass from 3, then shoots. 3 moves to the top. 1 moves to the right wing. 4 is now at the front of the line and the drill continues [3]. 


1. Make this an attacking dribble toward the baseline, which leads into a pull-up jumper


2. The player must reach the 3-point line before cutting back toward the hoop for the layup — be sure the shooter plants with the outside foot, then cuts
3. This pass needs to lead the shooter into the layup — you can subtract points (made shots) for errant or nonchalant passes


4. This is a left-handed layup (as it’s from the left side of the hoop), which makes it a little more difficult to score and works on the weak hand (for most players)
5. The rotation has right wing to the top, shooter to the right wing and top to the line on the left side


Keep track of all made shots from all players. The side with the most makes wins. You also can set a time limit so players must work quickly.

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