‘25 Alive’ Preaches Consistency

Missing 2 in a row forces the player to reset to zero at the specified spot on the floor, so shooters are forced to get into a rhythm while also being competitive with their teammates.


Jump shooters need to be consistent in their form and movements. This drill hammers home that point while also working with rebounders to focus on making accurate passes to shooters on the perimeter.


This is a partner drill with one shooter and one rebounder/passer. The rebounder starts with a ball under the basket while the shooter is in the right corner.


The rebounder makes the initial pass. The shooter catches and shoots. The shooter must make five from this spot and cannot miss two in a row from this spot before moving to the next spot, which is on the wing. Miss two in a row and the score in this spot resets to zero [A]. After making five (without consecutive misses), the shooter moves on to complete the same actions on the wing and at the top [B]. The actions continue to the opposite wing and corner [C].


1. The rebounder is also the passer, and you need these passes to be accurate into the shooter’s shooting window
2. Catch the ball, get in a rhythm and shoot — this player needs consistent movements and form


3. Only move to the next spot after making five shots from the previous spot and not missing two in a row


4. If you are shooting 3-pointers, this player under the hoop is going to work to grab long rebounds, be sure this person is hustling
5. The shooter starts getting tired by the time he or she reaches this side of the floor, be sure you are watching for consistent form even when tired


The player does not go back to the beginning on two straight misses, just the score at that spot resets to zero. So, if the player misses two in a row from the left wing, the left-wing score goes back to zero. Set a timer and see who completes the drill in the fastest time. Keep track of the fastest and have that time as a goal throughout practices during the season.

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