‘X Passing’ Simulates Game Passes

From Rory Hamilton, head girls coach, Norman North High School in Oklahoma


Work on wing entries, post feeds, skip passes and ball reversals in this high-energy drill requiring quick movements and constant motion


Why use it


Passes in practice must look just like the ones you want to use in a game. Use your practice time to work on the passes and catches you’ll use to gain an advantage come game time.


Set up


Place three players each in opposite corners and three players each at opposite slots. Have a player about midway up on each lane line.


A couple coaches are positioned near the wing but inside the 3-point line. Adjust the number of players in the corners and slots based on your team size.


‘X Passing’ Simulates Game Passes

How to play


Start the drill with a pass from the slot to the wing as the player in the right corner runs a V-cut off the coach.


The receiver shows the outside hand to the passer.


On the catch, the wing establishes triple-threat position using either a low sweep or vicious pivot.


The wing player fakes a pass to make a pass before throwing the ball into the post.


The post player calls the passer’s name [1].


On the low-post catch, teach chin-and-cheek middle in case of a double team.


The post fans the ball to the opposite slot area. As the ball is in the air, the left-corner player runs a V-cut off the coach.


The slot passes to the wing [2].

Keep the action moving with a wing-to-post pass followed by a post-to-slot skip [3].




The one rule always to remember to make this drill simple: follow your pass.

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