Paint Touch Produces 4 Ways To Score

There are so many screens, shifts and attacks in this single set that defenders simply cannot cover all the ground necessary to eliminate the four potential scoring options.


All great sets evolve into multiple scoring opportunities so if the defense cheats one way, you still can score without having to regroup or having your players get flustered.


2 and 3 are on opposite wings. 4 is near the left block. 5 is at the right elbow. 1 is dribbling at the top.


1 dribbles toward the right wing, which signals for 2 to clear through from the right wing to the opposite side. As 1 gets closer to the wing, 5 pops high to set a ball screen so 1 can dribble and come free back toward the top. 3 and 4 set staggered screens on the weak side for 2 as 2 curls around that way [1]. After setting the screen for 1, 5 dives and sets a low screen for 4. 4 curls to the right wing. 1 passes to 4 [2]. On the catch, 4 looks to attack the middle as 5 sets a ball screen. On the paint touch, 4 has four options: attack and score; drop a pass to 5 on the roll; pass to 3 flashing into the lane from the short corner; or kick out a pass to 2 curling toward the top [3]. 


1. This double-screen, staggered action on the left side ties up a lot of defenders and shifts attention away from the right side of the floor, which is where the main attack occurs
2. 1 dribbles at 2 to initiate the actions, then 5 comes high to set a ball screen so 1 can reverse the ball back to the top


3. 4 comes hard off 5’s screen to gain a step on the defender, so then on the catch, 4 puts the ball on the floor with an advantage


4. After making the pass to 4, 1 must quickly clear to the left wing so the right side (and middle) are not clogged with people
5. The key to the play is getting 4 close to are in the lane to force defenders to collapse and open up the four scoring options


After making the pass to 4 on the right wing, 1 clears to the opposite wing to stay out of the action and pull a defender out of the middle of the floor.

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