High Ball Screen Leads To 3 Options

Execute a simple high ball screen and produce a driving layup, a kick-out pass for a 3-pointer or a free-throw-line jumper.


When your point guard has the ability to break down a defender with the dribble, then multiple scoring options are available.


Position your forwards/center at opposite elbows with the two guards located in opposite corners. The point guard is dribbling the ball at the set’s top.


The play can be run to either side – in this instance, the right-elbow player comes high and sets a ball screen. The point dribbles hard off the screener’s shoulder to gain the edge [1]. The left-elbow player sprints toward the hoop as the screener rolls to the free-throw-line area. The left-corner player comes high and acts as a safety defender in case the opposition gains control of the ball [2]. If the point guard has a step, he drives and shoots the layup.

Typically, two defenders try to stop the penetration, which leaves the right-corner player and rolling screener open [3].


1. The ball handler rubs the defender off the screener’s shoulder to gain separation and a step toward the basket


2. Don’t get too deep with the basket roll – this reduces the congestion in the lane and provides this player space to shoot if his defender chases the ball
3. The weak-side corner relocates to the top and serves as a defender in case of a turnover


4. Take the layup if it’s open – otherwise kick out a pass to the corner for a 3-pointer or to the trailing roller for a mid-range jumper
5. This player is in perfect offensive-rebounding position for any of the three scoring options


The screener doesn’t come hard to the hoop but settles in for a mid-range jumper. This keeps additional defenders away from the hoop in case the point guard does have a step on the defense.

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