Outnumbered but Not Outmatched

Stack the odds against your defense by placing 7 offensive players on the floor to score against just 5 defenders – watch the defenders communicate and hustle to stop the ball.

Why use it

Everyone has their version of a defensive shell drill. This one utilizes seven offensive players. It’s especially effective for teams playing a lot of 1-3-1 zone.

Set up

In a half-court setting, place offensive players in each of the four corners, one at the freethrow line and two others at opposite blocks. The defenders begin in a 1-3-1 formation. This is a live drill but penetration only is allowed from the four corners of the floor. The block players are stationary and the freethrow- line offensive player only is allowed to move from elbow to elbow.

Outnumbered but Not Outmatched

How to play

The player with the ball on the perimeter passes across the court. 4 moves to guard the new ball handler as 3 steps into a potential passing lane from mid-court to the corner, and runs out to double-team the new ball handler. 5 slips around the elbow runner. 1 moves to the strong side of the baseline [1]. When a pass is made to the corner, 4 retreats back to the top. 5 drops low to guard the space about to be left by 1 [2]. 1 and 3 double-team the corner. 5 fronts the post. 4 defends the space between the elbow player and the passer. 2 drops to the middle [3].


Player for three minutes and see how many points the offense scores. Then, change responsibilities and see how the new offense fares against different defenders.

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