Deep Ball Screen Opens The Middle

The 4-Out Motion only works when the players are constantly moving, screening and clearing space — all of which happens in this set of actions.

The 4-Out Motion is about much more than play on the perimeter. It’s about spacing and creating attacking opportunities at the rim.

The ball is on the right wing with the only player inside the 3-point line located on the left block (5). The “wing” positions are occupied by 3 and 2 slightly higher than the corners. 4 is in the “slot” opposite 1.


The post comes across the set and sets a high ball screen. The ball handler (1) dribbles left off the screen. 3 comes high and screens for 4. 4 uses the screen, cuts hard to the post then flares back to the corner [1]. 1 passes across to 3. 3 takes a dribble and fires a pass to 4 in the corner. 5 downscreens for 2 who comes higher into the set [2]. 3 follows the pass to the corner and sets the ball screen. 1 and 2 switch spots on the perimeter. 4 attacks the lane and the right side of the rim as 5 curls underneath [3].

The deep ball screen in the corner creates a great deal of space in floor’s middle. Be sure 5 stays out of the way but by relocating to the opposite block, it causes the defender to make a choice on 4’s dribble drive.

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