Add In Jumper, Corner Passes

The final 3 daily breakdown drills add a top-of-key jumper and movements when a player is positioned in the corner.


Breakdown drills are important for players of all ages as they keep athletes sharp when it comes to fundamentals.


Players work in a tandem with one serving as the passer and the other as the scorer.


The fourth breakdown drill is similar to the third in that the shooter flashes toward the ball with hands ready, then pops to the top. The shooter catches the ball on a jump stop, squares and shoots the ball (rather than driving to the hoop) [1]. Now, move one player to the corner with the ball in the wing’s hands. The wing passes to the corner, then basket cuts, receives a pass back and scores at the rim [2]. The final move is for the corner to pretend he or she is being overplayed, so makes a backdoor cut. Wing passes and corner scores at the rim [3].


There is no dribbling in any of the final three breakdown drills. Teach players to make quick decisions and score on the move without the aid of the dribble. Be sure players are instructed to pretend to read the defines before cutting. Have them imagine the defenders on the court.

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