Initial Movement Clears Space, Opens Middle

Use a downscreen then a low screen to create space for a talented ball handler to secure a pass, use a pick and score at the basket

The screening and ball movement action is a lot for defenders to follow – watch the middle open up during these actions.

Start from a standard Horns set with a post player near each elbow and a shooter in each corner. The entry is a bit different this time as the high post moves low first, then circles high.

The left elbow screens down for the eventual ball handler in the left corner (2). 4 then comes high and receives a pass from the point (1). 5 shifts to the weak-side block [1]. 4 dribbles right. 1 relocates to the left corner as 4 dribbles across the set. 5 screens and frees 2 coming high as well as 3 curling across to the left side [2]. 4 hands off to 2, then sets a ball screen for him. 2 uses the screen and penetrates into the middle as 3 and 5 clear to the corners creating more open space [3].

3 and 5 must clear or the lane becomes clogged and 2 has nowhere to go. 2 must allow 4 to shift into screening position after the handoff. 2 looks to attack the rim or kick out a pass to 1 circling into an open window.

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