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Take Lots of Shots

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The only way for your players to get better this offseason is to put in the time and effort, which means focusing on getting a lot of shots through the hoop. MORE

2-Man Game Tough To Handle

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Michigan worked just the right amount of ball screens into its offense throughout the season to open the perimeter and set up chances near the rim. MORE

Transition Drills

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The Cavaliers are the top seed in the NCAA Tournament due to a stifling defense based on everyone closing out on shooters and the ability to create high-% shots. MORE

Steal From The NBA Game

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Armed with the greatest technology and vast resources, the NBA is the first place to turn when you are looking for new and improved sets for your playbook. MORE

The Midrange Game

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CJ McCollum proves smaller guards don’t have to settle for long-range jumpers all the time to be effective. MORE

Nova Knows Offense

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Look at it from any offensive angle and the Villanova program is tops in the country at scoring the basketball — take some tips from this juggernaut. MORE

Clean The Glass, Score Victories

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Rebounding is critical to your team’s success. Forcing teams into just one shot at their offensive end of the floor while you are getting multiple looks at the rim at your end breaks the opposition’s spirit. MORE

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