Double down screen destroys defense

From the Golden State Warriors playbook

Once again it’s your initial ball handler who ends up taking a shot coming off a double screen – this time the shooter circles around the entire court.

Why use it

Golden State’s constant motion and screening doesn’t allow a defense to set. Just when the defense loses track of the initial ball handler, he comes off a low double screen for an open shot and leaves the defense trailing too far behind.

Set up

Steph Curry (1) is dribbling on the left side with Klay Thompson in the left corner. Place a player near the top and your two forwards/ center on opposite blocks.

How to play

1 dribble-penetrates into the left side of the set. 5 screens across for 4, who comes toward the ball-side block. 3 steps low and screens for 5, who now pops to the top. 3 relocates to the right wing. 1 passes across to 5 [1]. 4 now moves back to the original (right) block. 1 replaces 4 on the left block as 2 circles from the left corner around the ball handler at the top [2]. 4 turns toward the hoop to screen for 1 and 3 steps lower to create a double screen. 1 curls around the double screen and receives a reversal pass from 5. 1 catches and shoots [3].


The curl by 2 around 5 is a perfect action in this set as 2 is a legit shooting option, so the defense anticipates a possible handoff, which takes more attention off 1. Be sure 5 makes a pass in rhythm to 1 curling around the double screens for a catch-and-shoot opportunity.

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