Create 3 or opt for handoff

From Wes Kosel, assistant men’s coach at Colorado College in Colorado Springs

Your point guard starts the action to the left, heads low and comes off a double screen to emerge on the wing for a 3-pointer or the new ball handler uses the pinch on the right.

Why use it

Pinch plays are extremely effective in running shooters to the wing for an uncontested 3-pointer. But, once teams recognize that, it’s always good to have another scoring option on the opposite side of the floor.

Set up

The point guard has the ball at the top with 5 and 3 at opposite elbows. 4 is on the right block with 2 in the left corner.

Create 3 or opt for handoff

How to play

2 elevates from the corner to the wing and catches an entry pass from 1. After passing, 1 runs off a screen from 5 and moves toward the left block. 3 pops to the perimeter and receives a pass from 2 [1]. 2 and 5 move low and set the double screen for 1. 1 curls to the outside of the screens to come free on the wing. If open, 3 passes to 1 for the shot. 4 comes to the right elbow (pinch post). 3 has the option to pass to 4 [2]. 3 curls around 4 and receives a handoff for an open midrange jumper [3].


The first couple times you run this play expect the 3-pointer for 1 to be open but eventually the defense will cheat to that side, which opens up the right side for the handoff action. A final counter can be to fake the handoff, have 4 put the ball on the floor and attack the hoop.

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