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‘Inside Out’ Pushes 5 Players Toward Goal

Set a time goal for the 5 players to get up the court and back while completing the proper passes and scoring layups at both ends in stride. Why use this drill This drill shows players how quickly they can get up the court and transition into offense, even if it’s off a made shot. […]

Curl, Catch & Shoot From 4 Spots

Shooting is more than a release, it’s about footwork to create a shot and catching the ball in a proper shooting position to ensure success Why use this drill You want players taking game shots. All four shots in this sequence come off cuts and curls you’d expect players to execute in a game. Set […]

Ball Screen and Flare

When your team needs a big-time, end-of-game basket, run high screening action on the perimeter to free your best shooter for a left-wing 3-pointer WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER PLAY At the end of games, it’s too easy for the defense to suffocate a dribbling shooter – use perimeter screens to create open shooting lanes. SET UP The player you want […]