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Carve The Defense With ‘Slice’

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This popular play requires several movements, screens, handoffs and passes to set up a passer outside the arc throwing a leading pass to a player cutting to the hoop. Why use it The constant movement in this play forces the defense to cover a lot of areas and eventually breaks down after multiple screens and... MORE

Prolific Scorers Need Ball In Space

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Providence College rode the tenacity and athleticism of Bryce Cotton to within a bucket of beating North Carolina, see how the Friars did it WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY Gifted scorers create their own shots but you need to develop unique methods of getting the ball into their hands. Providence ran these motions in the... MORE

Space & Drive

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Initial action creates space for your best ball handler to take the defender off the dribble and get to the rim WHY USE THIS DRIBBLING PLAY Constantly running defenders off screens creates room at the top for a dribble-drive opportunity. SET UP Dayton led Ohio State, 35-32, early in the second half. This play netted... MORE

High Off-Ball Screen For 3-Pointer

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Bring your post high to set an off-ball screen and free a previous passer for an open opposite-wing long jumper WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER PLAY Lots of perimeter ball movement typically causes a defender to lose track of his responsibility – take advantage by setting a high off-ball screen. SET UP The University of Dayton... MORE

Wisconsin Flare Nets 3 Points

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A staple of Bo Ryan’s set offense, this play runs a shooter off a weak-side double screen and creates an open top-of-set 3-pointer WHY USE THIS 3-POINT BASKETBALL PLAY The main goal is to take an open 3-pointer but there is an inside, post-up option if needed, especially if you find the defense crowding the... MORE

Double Screen For Corner 3-Pointer

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Run the farthest player off a low double screen to create an open 3-point corner shooting opportunity from a sideline out-of-bounds set WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL 3-POINTER PLAY Double screens on inbound situations are perfect for creating an open corner shooting situation. SET UP The inbound play is coming from the left side. Your shooter... MORE

Wichita Kickout

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Dribble penetration forces a zone to collapse and allows your shooters to find open perimeter shooting pockets left unguarded WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRIBBLING PLAY Zone defenders typically move in the wrong direction on dribble penetration. Most defenders instinctively go to the ball rather than contain their responsibility area. SET UP Three of your players... MORE

Wichita Weak Side

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Move the zone defense left and out of position, then flare a guard right to create an open 3-point opportunity WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL 3-POINTER PLAY Shift defenders, utilize the dribble and have off-ball players find open spaces to beat a zone. SET UP The defense is playing slightly higher than a standard 2-3 look... MORE


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