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‘Inside Out’ Pushes 5 Players Toward Goal

in Offense drills

Set a time goal for the 5 players to get up the court and back while completing the proper passes and scoring layups at both ends in stride. Why use this drill This drill shows players how quickly they can get up the court and transition into offense, even if it’s off a made shot.... MORE

Underneath Inbound Across

in Basketball plays, Offense drills

Coming off a screen, the player closest to the ball then screens away and slips to the basket for a high-percentage scoring opportunity. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SCREEN PLAY It’s not easy to defend multiple well-executed lane screens. Gain an advantage on the defense and set up a couple of scoring chances close to the... MORE

Backdoor Alley-Oop

in Basketball plays, Offense drills

The scorer starts in the corner, comes high, receives a pass, dribbles left, passes, receives a backdoor screen and has an open opportunity at the basket WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL ALLEY-OOP PLAY Defenses tend to lean into passing lanes more now and look for deflections while disrupting perimeter offenses. Using a well-timed backdoor screen and... MORE

Press, Steal & Score

in Defense drills, In-Game Strategy

Rick Pitino’s Louisville squad runs many varieties of the full-court press – try this one to force the offense into a turnover and an easy score for your team. WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAY Add this to your defensive playbook to force the offense into poor decisions. Louisville used this press early in its... MORE

Top-Of-Key 3-Pointer

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

When a defense double-teams a ball handler, execute a quick pass to the screener and an extra pass to the relocating wing for an open 3-point try. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY Many basketball teams today doubleteam the ball handler on a ball screen. This forces defenders to scramble. One extra pass allows for an open... MORE

Post Roll Bounce

in Basketball plays, In-Game Strategy, Offense drills

Don’t give up on a big man on the block simply because the defense stymies the initial entry pass – swing the ball and reestablish position for an in-close bucket. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY A defense thinks it’s won when it thwarts an initial offensive attempt to pass the ball to the block. Take... MORE

Post Entry & Create

in Basketball plays, Offense drills

Devise ways to get your best post player the ball near the block even when he starts the play by dribbling at the top of the set. THE SITUATION While Kentucky had no trouble with Robert Morris last month, and led by 31 points in the second half when this play occurred, it still shows... MORE

Kick Out Dribble Drive

in Basketball plays, Offense drills

Create space for your forward who has the ability to put the ball on the ground and create a shot, just like Kentucky’s Julius Randle. THE SITUATION No. 1 Kentucky trailed No. 2 Michigan State, 59-50, in a big-time, early-season matchup. With 9:49 remaining, the Wildcats ran this play for Julius Randle to net a... MORE

Double Screen & Pop

in Basketball plays, Offense drills

Your best player executes a double screen on the block before popping toward the wing, catching a pass and dribbling into the lane. THE SITUATION Looking to head into halftime with a comfortable lead against South Florida, Oklahoma State turns to its superstar yet again and pushes its advantage from 12 to 14 points on... MORE


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