How to Coach the Pack Line Defense

The Pack Line Defense is more than just a simple defensive concept. It defines a program's culture.
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The Pack Line Defense is one of the most effective defensive concepts.

Developed by legendary coach Dick Bennett and used by coaches like Chris Mack at Xavier and Tony Bennett with the Virginia Cavaliers, a Pack Line Defense is a solid line of defenders round the basket, preventing drives to the hoop as well as a coordinated effort to harass the ball carrier and prevent 3 pointers.

The Pack Line Defense is more than just a simple defensive concept. It becomes the definition of a program’s culture.

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Pack Line teams are tough. They work together. They give up individual accolades for the good of the team. It truly comes down to a “pack” mentality. To help you evolve into a Pack Line team, I’ve put together a How To Coach The Pack Line Defense guide. It walks you through the basic concepts, the team buy-in required and how to teach these initial concepts through many practice drills.




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