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Get access to the playbooks of the greatest NBA and NCAA coaches including plays from Mike Krzyzewski, Gregg, Popovich, John Calapari and many more
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You see them on TV. You’ve seen them speak at clinics. You’ve marvelled at how they’ve managed to pile up win after win through the years.

You may marvel, but their success is no fluke or coincidence – the best teams are the most prepared ones.

The coaches leading those teams spend hours and hours outside of the standard practice time pouring through Xs and Os, studying film and finding new ideas to add to their playbooks.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get access to these hand picked plays?

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Big Names, Big Plays has plays from some of the greats of NBA and NCAA coaching.

Featuring signature plays from

  • Mike Krzyzewski
  • Gregg Popovich
  • Muffet McGraw
  • Brad Stevens
  • John Calipari
  • Kevin Ollie
  • Geno Auriemma
  • Thad Matta
  • Tom Izzo

And many more!

Every play is set out with the same easy to follow diagrams and, simple, clear instructions to make them easy to coach to your team.


Does coaching plays from the pros only work if you have professional level players?

We all watch amazing plays from top coaches, and we admire them, but we also think, “Their plays work because they have the best talent,” and “My players could never run through all those actions.” In some ways, this may be true. Talent, however, doesn’t automatically ensure a layup at the rim off a side inbound play (such as the one from Gregg Popovich on page 8 of Big Names, Big Plays) or dissect a zone with precise movements and reading of defenders (such as the play from John Calipari on page 24 – which you can see above!).

Talent will only take you so far. You need game winning strategies to make your program successful year-in, year-out. And the only way to have those strategies in place is through effective preparation.

The only consistent thing in your control every year is your preparation. The best teams are the most prepared ones. And, believe me, the coaches featured in this manual are prepared.

I’ve hand-picked these plays specifically for the high school and youth levels of play. The movements, screens, cuts, rolls, dives, passes and shots are all on par with the talent you have available on your team.

Why is Big Names, Big Plays so necessary for your game?

To gather all of this information for your playbook, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars traveling the country to either sit in on these coaches’ practices or watching them speak at various clinics. Or, you’d have to spend countless hours during the high-intensity time of your season reviewing film after film of these coaches’ games. It’s just not possible.

That’s why I decided this type of book was a must for you. Your time is too valuable and you simply aren’t paid enough to track down and find the most efficient and effective sets plays from some of the most successful coaches in our game. But, you do deserve them and I know you’ll get a lot out of pouring through the pages of this manual.

Every play is set out with easy to follow diagrams and clear instructions so you don’t have to waste any time trying to understand the ins and outs of the play.

Big Names, Big Plays is the perfect way to get plays from the best coaches in basketball that will work for your team.

Easily find effective and efficient sets, all with easy to understand instructions and diagrams. Get your copy now!


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