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The simple, proven solution to your team's slow starts
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I’m sure you’ve had games where your players are slow out of the blocks or where they’ve faded too quickly.

And, like me, you’ve probably lost key players to injury at crucial moments.

If so, the problem could be that your players aren’t preparing properly. Especially if you’re seeing these sorts of things week-in week-out.

Luckily, there is a solution that’s simple, effective and scientifically proven to help…

A proper warm-up.

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Studies have shown that players who warm up correctly:

  • Are fitter
  • Suffer fewer injuries, and
  • Win more games

Which is great. We don’t even need to think about it. We should all be doing warm ups to prepare our players physically and mentally for training and games.

But what is a “correct” warm up?

It’s a good question, and one that’s of vital importance. It’s all well and good knowing that your players need to warm, but if you get it wrong you could do more harm than good.

So, even if you already have a warm up routine in place, is it “correct”?

Are you preparing your players to get at it from tip-off?

Or are you just taking your players through the motions because people expect to see them warming up?

For all I know, you might not even be taking the warm up! Maybe you’ve got an assistant that does it for you; in which case, do you know what they’re doing? Do they know what they’re doing?

That’s a lot of questions!

But talking to fellow coaches I found that there is so much confusion surrounding the warm-up that questions are inevitable.

And if you have been coaching for a number of years it’s difficult to put your hand up and say that you’re not sure about something.

We’re expected to know everything there is to know about coaching basketball.

But I didn’t.

Maybe you’re different. Maybe you do know everything. But I had to work long and hard to even scratch the surface of all there is to know about coaching.

And one of the areas I worked particularly hard on is the warm up.

I felt that if I focused my time on the very first things we did every time we stepped onto the court, surely the rest would follow.

It did.

Now I run successful high school and AAU teams in Oregon and I love every minute of it. As do my players!

What was my secret?

Everywhere I went I would observe the warm up of our opponent. I soon found that I could predict the outcome of a game simply by seeing how prepared the opposition was.

Of course, there were teams that bucked the trend. But there will always be upsets. And there will always be teams that simply have much better players.

But, generally, the quality of the warm up was a strong indicator of what was about to happen on court.

One of the traits of the better teams we faced was how game-realistic their warm ups were.

  • They almost always used a ball
  • They concentrated on fundamentals
  • They worked as individuals, small units and as a team

So I made sure to follow these warm up “rules” when I put together my collection of warm ups.

I had hundreds to choose from. Years of watching and learning meant I’d built a vast library but it was so big it was unmanageable. I’d offer it up to my assistants and they wouldn’t know where to begin. Even I got lost.

So over the past 12 months I’ve boiled it down to leave me with a collection of 46 warm ups that is comprehensive yet tailored to the needs of high school and AAU coaches like me.

Now, I’ve launched it as a comprehensive manual for coaches of high school and AAU teams (I coach both myself – see my biography below) that want to win more than their fair share of games.

The manual is divided into 7 sections with a total of 46 warm-ups:

  • Cardio drills
  • Defensive drills
  • Dribbling drills
  • Layup drills
  • Passing drills
  • Rebounding drills
  • Shooting drills

Each warm up includes:

  • A set of clear illustrations showing how to arrange your players and the actions and movements required
  • A list of instructions so you can organize your players and get the warm up running smoothly
  • Coaching notes to ensure that the techniques are executed correctly

To see for yourself what you get and what 46 Winning Warm-Ups can do for you, I want you check out the gallery of images on this page. They show just three of the 46 drills you’ll receive within minutes of placing your order.

I can’t overemphasize how important it is that your warm-ups reinforce the skills and techniques used in the game.

It’s also important to ensure that your players get as many touches with a ball as possible – that’s why they play!

You can also rest assured that I’ve taken full account of the latest thinking on the scientific and medical aspects of the warm-up and your players will benefit from increased fitness and fewer in-juries.

Much thought has gone into the design of each warm-up to ensure that it is easy to follow and easy to communicate to your players.

About the author

I’m delighted to introduce Justin Duke, the head girls coach at Wilsonville High School in Oregon. He previously coached at Scio High.

Despite an enrolment of just 220 students at Scio, Duke has taken the program to a pair of state-title games in five years while compiling an overall record of 108-40. He was named Coach of the Year in Oregon in 2012.

I also coaches in the Oregon Elite AAU program. In the last five years, 17 players in this program have received Division I scholarships. The program routinely plays in national tournaments and has become one of the premier AAU programs in the country.

During his playing days, Duke was a four-year letter winner at basketball and baseball while earning All-League and All-State honors in both. He played college basketball at Linn Benton Community College before making the shift to coaching.

Duke works in the insurance industry when he’s not coaching and is happily married to his wife Beth. The couple has an 18-month-old daughter, Sloane.

46 Winning Warm-Ups will become the only warm-up guide you need, and you’ll be able to use it for years.

Nothing similar exists.

46 Winning Warm-Ups is available in two formats:

  • A PDF document stored on your computer
  • A compact spiral bound printed manual for your bookshelf

The PDF document will be delivered within minutes, anywhere in the world which means you can use it almost instantly. It also has the benefit of being easily shared with players and assistant coaches so that they can use the manual too.

The spiral bound printed manual is excellent for taking to training or games. The spiral binding means you can keep the manual open without losing your place. It has a durable plastic cover which means it will last a lifetime, even if it gets thrown in your kit bag after every practice!

For the best of both worlds, you can get a special deal if you choose to receive both the PDF document and the spiral bound printed manual.

It’s the most popular option and offers a saving on the price of buying the PDF and printed copies separately.

46 Winning Warm-Ups is an instant reference, all in one place, right at your fingertips, inspiration sourcebook. No more endless searching for something new to do in the warm-up.

Running your coaching sessions will be easier. Each warm-up is clearly and simply explained, with illustrations. This guide is great for beginners and experienced coaches alike. What’s more, if you can’t make a session one night and need to use a stand-in, you might tell them to use warm-ups 8, 27 and 36.

Job done!

If you ever have to take regular training or coaching sessions you’ll appreciate the sheer helpfulness of this resource.

This really is a no-nonsense, user-friendly and above all, functional tool that will work for you.

46 Winning Warm-Ups is only available directly from Basketball Coach Weekly so buy now and give your players the edge.


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