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Scramble Drill to build teamwork and skills

Scramble Drill to build teamwork and skills

From Kelly Graves, the head women’s coach at the University of Oregon The pressure is on as players must make accurate passes, secure their catches, sprint to the next spot and eventually score at the rim without the ball touching the ground Why use it The Scramble Drill shows your players why delivering the ball […]

1-4 High "Sonic" has 2 options

1-4 High “Sonic” has 2 options

From Bill Liley, the head boys coach at Newton High, Iowa. Starting from a 1-4 High, create action on the left side, then attack the right off a ball screen and either hit the roller in the lane or the shooter flaring to the corner. Why use it 1-4 High plays are tricky to defend […]

Find the forgotten inbounder

Basketball Plays: Find the forgotten inbounder

From Geno Auriemma, head coach of the University of Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball team. Slip the baseline inbounder to the opposite block as you attack the strong side with the dribble to create a high-percentage layup opportunity vs. a man defense Why use it Many times when the action is on the side upon which […]

Pat Coons coaching philosophy

Pat Coons coaching philosophy

Our game continues to evolve outward. Three-pointers have taken over and, not surprisingly, Cleveland and the Houston Rockets led last NBA season in 3-pointers made. Your players see this, want to mimic it and spend their gym hours hoisting shots behind the line, how should this impact on your coaching philosophy. A while back I […]

Golden State's "Elevator" creates top 3

Golden State’s “Elevator” play creates top 3

From the Golden State Warriors playbook The ball handler initiates action with a pass, moves to the corner, comes off a screen into the lane and sprints up the middle toward the top off a pair of screens for an open shot. Why use it The constant action, passing and screening in this play makes […]

2-player hustle shooting drill

2-player hustle shooting drill

From Taylor Jannsen, player development coach Milwaukee, Wisconsin This competitive drill forces shooters to sprint and move after every shot, grab the ball, gain composure and take a good shot for 2 straight minutes. Why use it Once again, you want intensity in players’ offseason workouts. It’s great to have players head to the gym […]

Bill James's "safe lead" formula

Bill James’s “safe lead” formula

Recently, I discussed blowouts and how to handle them from your perspective. Roy Nickerson, a coach in Billerica Travel Basketball, Massachusetts, says he uses a statistical model by Bill James, who is more usually associated with baseball analytics. While Nickerson says the model was developed for college games, he says it can be used for lower levels. […]

Deep dribble, ball reversal create weak-side shot

Deep dribble, ball reversal create weak-side shot

From the Iona playbook Iona drove the ball deep into the right corner against Iowa State, only to reverse it the other way and hit a shooter flaring to the opposite corner for an open shot. Why use it Iona had all it could handle in the first round of the NCAA men’s tournament. The […]

How do you handle blowouts?

How do you handle blowouts?

It comes up every year – some team blows out another and it makes national news. So, I’m curious, how do you handle blowouts? I asked a few coaches this question a while back and three coaches agreed that once a game hits a 30-point difference, it’s time to take steps to keep things from […]

"Go Drill" works strength, ball protection

“Go Drill” works strength, ball protection

  From Jared Curtiss, West Linn High, Oregon Give your post players extra reps in establishing position, beating double teams, attacking the middle and scoring in the lane. Why use it To help forwards and centers build their post skills, this drill simulates the speed of how a defense double-teams and what is required to […]