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Recreate Kyrie’s Big Shot

The shot that sent the NBA’s best regular season game into overtime, came from a welldesigned out-of-bounds play easily added into your playbook. Why use this out-of-bounds play Every team needs a few 3-point options when precious few seconds remain and the ball is being inbounded from the side. Set up Form a straight line […]

Post drill: Ball Screen, Roll & Receive High-Low Pass

Run multiple cutters to the same general area, which provides you an offensive advantage and makes match-up zones struggle in their quest to defend you. Why use this post drill Get your post players used to coming toward the perimeter, then move back toward the hoop in creating high-percentage scoring chances. Both players also get […]

Fast-paced drill for quality shots

Why use this shooting drill Work on shooting, closing out and following your shot in this fast-paced drill designed for players looking for a competitive way to get a lot of quality shots When three players want a shooting workout beyond simply tossing uncontested jumpers at the rim, encourage them to use this drill during […]

Slip the screen to beat the defense and score

Why use this play Run enough ball screens on the wing and defenders begin knowing your tendencies. Have the screener slip the screen and force the defense back on its heels. Set up The point guard has the ball on the right wing withanother guard close and a forward moving to the ballside corner. How […]

Create a catch and drive opportunity

An initial high screen and cross with another guard leads to the scorer moving low, then coming off a second screen for a catch-and-drive opportunity. Why use this play Use a couple of screens to create space for a talented ball handler. Set up All five players begin above the free-throw line with the two […]

Boston’s Brad Stevens’ Shooting Set

Grab this set from one of the best play designers in the game – Boston’s Brad Stevens – to use a decoy off a double screen in setting up a shooter. Why use Brad Stevens’ shooting set A lot of teams love running a double screen to the weakside to have a shooter come free […]

Head-to-head shooting drill

Players decide in advance how long to make the competition and what moves to use, then shoot head-to-head to determine a winner Why use this shooting drill Game shots are more than simply standing and shooting. Work on pull-ups, floaters and catch-andshoots in this competitive, two-player drill. Setting up this drill Two players each have […]

1v1 "baseball" shooting drill to pump up competitiveness

Incorporating a 9-inning concept, the "Baseball Shooting Drill" ramps up the competitiveness and rewards consistency. 2 reasons to use this drill Arm your players with several shooting games/drills they can do with just a partner or two during the offseason. This drill gets a lot of shots for a pair of players. Setting up this […]