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Dear Coach,

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Basketball Coach Weekly’s report: 9 Plays Every Coach Needs. Discover the plays that will transform your season and get your players producing results you never thought possible.

Basketball Coach Weekly’s report: 10 Proven Tips for a More Successful Season. What is it that separates the haves from the have nots? Find out with this exclusive report that details how to get the most out of your team, no matter what their standard.

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What exactly does Basketball Coach Weekly do?

Basketball Coach Weekly is an advisory newsletter delivered direct to your email address.

Unlike most basketball coaching information, it’s aimed specifically at coaches of players from 6 to 18 years of age. And it’s written by myself and top basketball coaches, with firsthand experience of the kinds of coaching challenges you face week in and week out.

That means the emphasis is very much on proven, can-do strategies for raising your game… and the success of your players.

Every week Basketball Coach Weekly provides you with practical tips and techniques to make your coaching more effective and rewarding for all concerned.

Just look at what you get!


Our coaching experts evaluate what can go wrong in practice, problem by problem, giving you two solutions that you can use at practice today.

All the articles are concise and to-the-point – and seldom more than one page in length. That’s because we know that the vast majority of basketball coaches have very little spare time.

The last thing you need is pages and pages of heavy reading.

So each article in Basketball Coach Weekly concentrates on the essential information you need to know. Plus, there are plenty of helpful diagrams and pictures to illustrate the important points being made, for example showing you how to position your players on the court, or perform a particular practice exercise.

While it’s brief, and quick to read, Basketball Coach Weekly covers a wide range of coaching topics:

  • planning practice sessions
  • dribbling
  • fitness
  • training games
  • core skills
  • the art of coaching
  • dealing with difficult parents
  • late game situations
  • personal development
  • game strategy and tactics
  • developing team spirit
  • individual and team discipline
  • warm-ups

… and much, much more.

Here are some examples of practices and articles that have appeared in Basketball Coach Weekly.


Score in transition for easy baskets

Do your players have to be the fastest, the youngest or the quickest to score easy baskets in transition? No – they just have to work the hardest.

Hustle during a fast break leads to easy baskets.

At Basketball Coach Weekly we have two great practice drills that will improve your players’ ability to score in transition.

The first has your post player grabbing a rebound, throwing an outlet pass, sprinting the length of the court and receiving a pass in stride for an easy layup.

The second is another full-court drill in which a sprinting player eventually gets the ball in his or her hands for an easy layup.

Such drills can reap quick dividends in game situations. Imagine all the extra points your team could score by putting such a drill into action.

Sign up here to receive game changing drills like these on a weekly basis and see the results in super quick time.


The team talk

From February 3 until March 27, 2013, the NBA’s Miami Heat did not lose a game.

The team’s 27-game winning streak is the second longest in league history.

While others relentlessly focused on the entirety of the streak as it happened, the Heat and head coach Eric Spoelstra took things game by game.

When the run finally ended, Spoelstra explained what he said to his squad in the locker room after losing to the Chicago Bulls.

“I had everyone come in and put a hand on each other,” Spoelstra said. “It was the first time I had mentioned the streak.

“It was a heck of an experience to have together. Its significance will mean much more to us later in our careers. I asked them all to share the moment with each other.”

After gathering together as a group, reflecting, then pushing forward, the Heat won its second straight NBA title in late June. Instead of allowing the impressive streak to define the season, Spoelstra gave the record its due, then moved forward on the ultimate goal of winning a title.

While most coaches aren’t going to have the luxury of ripping off 27 consecutive wins, there is something to be learned from Spoelstra’s handling of the loss. Every team encounters a particularly painful defeat during the season. Find out why Spoelstra’s management of the defeat was perfect:

01 It was neededOnly get the team together when there is something to say to them.

02 It was appropriate The team really needed to know how to feel after their defeat.

03 It was relevant Spoelstra acknowledged the past but the feeling coming out of the locker room was to push forward.

04 It was concise It’s not what you know that’s important, it’s what the players can take.

05 It was effective Spoelstra’s team went on to win the NBA title three months later.

06 It was clear The coach spoke to his players in simple, understandable and emphatic language.

07 It had personality Spoelstra isn’t a huge personality – he is smart, determined and focused. This team talk reflected that and did not stray from who he is.

08 It motivated In this case his talk re-motivated a team that needed to know this streak wasn’t the overall goal.

09 It bonded The message brought the team back together. Nobody was blamed.

10 It was the right place The message was best delivered where it should have been – in the locker room.

11 It was immediate A coach has to be proactive when a problem is emerging and solve it quickly.

12 It changed the story Great team meetings take players from negative thinking back to positive thinking.

13 It succeeded Spoelstra was not worried about losing (it was bound to happen) but about the possible impact of the loss.

14 It cleared the mess After he’d finished, the team talk left all the players on the same (positive) page.

With Basketball Coach Weekly, you can have the same galvanizing effect on your team. Find out what the top coaches are telling their players and employ similar methods to inspire your them to victory.

At Basketball Coach Weekly we can’t promise that your team will embark on a 27-match winning run, but results and your players’ all-round game will certainly improve. Take the trial now.


Get a sponsor

Getting a suitable sponsor can make a real difference to your team’s finances.

But it is not easy and there are many things you have to think about.

Ever considered how to identify your target market? Or how to price up your sponsorship plan and make your proposal as attractive as possible?

In Basketball Coach Weekly we provide a 10 point plan for your team to get a sponsor.

After all, it isn’t just what your players do on the court that matters. The success of a basketball team also relies on outside factors, and reading Basketball Coach Weekly will help you to influence these factors so that you have an environment conducive to improved results and player development.


The Blitz Drill

Players should be pushing the ball up the floor the moment a rebound is secured or the moment the opponent scores. If there are two or fewer defenders back on defense, then it only requires two or fewer passes to score in transition.

To accomplish this goal of having players moving quickly in the full-court setting while scoring with a numbers advantage, it must be drilled repeatedly in practice.

While running traditional 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 break drills offers an opportunity for players to see passing lanes and work quickly, Basketball Coach Weekly takes it a step further with the Blitz Drill.

The Blitz Drill’s 2-on-1 segment features two offensive players pushing the ball up the floor against one defender. Once they cross mid-court, a second defender comes into play from the sideline. This creates a sense of urgency for the offense to score while having the advantage. If the offense doesn’t work quickly, the second defender has time to disrupt the break and it takes away the potential for an easy scoring opportunity.

The 3-on-2 segment works in the same way. Both of these drills are more game-like in that there is constantly a barrage of defenders racing back attempting to stop a primary break.

Utilize this drill and the wins will come.

You’ll find all these topics, and more, in forthcoming issues of Basketball Coach Weekly .

What’s more, you can suggest your own topics for future issues by emailing the editor with details of the basketball coaching issues that matter most to you.

Reliable advice

The question of reliability is of critical importance to any basketball coach who takes his or her responsibilities seriously. After all, you’re coaching a group of youngsters – including your own son or daughter, most likely. The last thing you want to do is accept any old advice.

So let me tell you a bit about my experience and credentials.

Where it all began for me

I’ve dedicated my professional career to advancing the education of basketball on a local, regional and national level, but my love of the game took off on the outdoor courts of my hometown in Massachusetts.

It was there in the early 1990s that my friends and I spent many summer mornings playing 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and if a group of outsiders showed up, we’d run 5-on-5 with them.

Even as it became clear my future wasn’t going to be spent in a NBA uniform, I knew basketball would still hold a role in my professional life.

My big break

In 1998, that dream became a reality as I started working for local newspapers outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shortly after graduating from Marquette University.

Covering those local games involved highlighting player achievements but also allowed me a glimpse at the preparation of the coaches. I developed working relationships with several coaches who came to me first for an interview after a big game … even if I wasn’t working for the largest paper.

My experience eventually led to a publishing company, which covered vastly different topics, but did feature a basketball coaching newsletter as well. Initially, I helped copy edit articles and diagrams, which provided keen insight into the Xs and Os of the game. Attending coaching clinics opened my eyes to how dedicated coaches are to their craft.

I eventually moved into a freelance role with that company but one of my main duties was to put together the basketball newsletter every couple of months. I dug deeper into strategy and philosophy, and forged a more complete understanding of the intricacies of the game.

Tactical insight

As my role expanded into a full-time basis, I started attending more basketball practices, especially at the Division I level. I’d shadow the coach as he or she prepared for the workout. I’d take detailed notes during those hours spent on the court. I’d watch how the coaches connected with players in a basketball sense but also in a personal way. The best coaches, I found, didn’t scream constantly but found innovative, unique and positive methods for sharing their point.

One of the best compliments ever paid to me was by University of Washington head men’s coach Lorenzo Romar who told me at a Nike Basketball Clinic about a piece I previously had done on his coaching philosophy: “I really liked that article. You really know the game!

My favorite project happened a couple of years ago when I spent two weeks following a local high school girls powerhouse in my new home state of Oregon during its playoff run. I attended practices. I listened to the coaches converse. I sat in on chalk talks. I observed the pre-game preparations and halftime adjustments. And, I watched the coaches attempt to console the girls after a horrible loss. That project covered all angles of being a coach.

My promise

Now, 15 years later, I take all of this knowledge and bring it to Basketball Coach Weekly. As a writer and editor, I don’t bring any preconceived notions of the best coaching methods with me to this magazine. I keep an open mind. I love hearing about unique offenses, different ways to defend and how a two-hour practice differs depending on the point in the season, the personnel, the coach and overall team goals.
From youth hoops to the highest level of collegiate basketball, I’ve witnessed and reported on it all, and I promise to take this knowledge to provide you with the best coaching publication available – Basketball Coach Weekly.

Plus, if the Florida Gators doesn’t make it through to the final four, you’ll get a year’s subscription FREE!

Get results – fast

Sign up for your 7 issue trial and you’ll receive your first issue within minutes of accepting our offer.

That means you could be reading our advice, and putting it into action, as early as your next practice session or game day.

Take the quick Blitz Drill I mentioned earlier. It’s just one of the highly effective training tips you could use to gain an almost immediate advantage over your opponents.

I’m confident of two things: (1) the sheer usefulness and effectiveness of our advice; and (2) the ease with which you’ll be able to raise your game.

Indeed, it’s because I’m so sure you’ll see measurable progress within such a short period of time, that I want you to try out our basketball coaching advice before you sign up to the full service.

In fact, you could say I practically insist on it…

Why Basketball Coach Weekly is for you

Basketball Coach Weekly is written by basketball coaches for basketball coaches.

Here is some of the feedback I have received about my coaching advice over the years:

“The new format of Basketball Coach Weekly has been extremely helpful to me from a coaching standpoint as well as a reader standpoint.

As a reader, I always gain insight from coaches that are at the top of their game, and how they got there and maintain that level of excellence.

From a coaching standpoint, we have adopted sharing the pages of the plays with our players for their pictorial impact. It provides an outstanding visual aid that is sometimes lost with ‘Xs and Os’ or using numbers on a whiteboard. Players have been able to actually see a visual of player movement, which has been quite helpful.

Thank you Mike and your editorial staff for a great, concise and informative publication.”

John Allen, Forsyth Country Day School Girls’ Basketball Coach, AAU Boys’ Championship Coach, AAU National Boys Basketball Commissioner

“I am a former High School Mens Varsity Basketball coach (20 years) and now coach youth girls and boys. We used a very successful, yet rigid, fundamental development program at the HS level and had great success, the same formula did not work with youth players. Michael ‘ s magazine has helped me find new ways of seeing the game and strategies to reach youth players successfully. I highly recommend this magazine to any and all coaches to keep their practices fresh and to further any coach’s basketball IQ.”

Wade Wolff, Colfax Youth Development League – Director

“I am the head Varsity Ladies Coach at Southwestern High School in Hazel Green, WI. I look forward to seeing your weekly report and I use several of the drills in practice. I try to incorporate one new drill from your articles into my week of practice just to change it up and give the girls something different to keep them thinking.

I am in the process of rebuilding a program so my focus is on fundamentals and continued development. This is where I find your weekly updates most helpful. Basketball Coach Weekly is a quick hit, easy to learn and incorporate s new drills. It also comes from various coaches at all levels who are having success with rebounding, scoring, defensive transition, etc.

I would definitely recommend Basketball Coach Weekly to any basketball coach. I find it very helpful to give me some additional tips and pointers to continue to develop not only my team but also my skills.”

Coach James Doepke, Southwestern High School Varsity Girls

I love the drills you have included in Basketball Coach Weekly. Each week I really look forward to soaking up all the useful information provided in each new issue.
As a coach I am always learning and I am a firm believer that to be a good coach you must continue to improve your education on the game, and the more information I get, the more confident I become as a basketball coach.
I have noticed the improvement in my coaching skills. I find your weekly issues the best and most informative source of information available.
I coach a boys’ U16s team in Victoria, Australia, and as I am sure you would be aware, this age group thrives on hard work but also enjoy some fun drills that take away some of the pressures of learning plays, etc.
For the record, our team has improved so much that we have finished the season on top of our division with a record of 11 wins and 1 loss, last season we were middle of the pack with a 30%:70% win:loss ratio.
It has been a remarkable turnaround, much of the improvement can be attributed to the information supplied by Basketball Coach Weekly.
Thank you for making my life as a coach so much easier.

Greg Thompson, coach, U16s boys, Victoria, Australia.

But you don’t need to take my word for it – or the words of my colleagues. Try out Basketball Coach Weekly for yourself for just $1!

If in the next four weeks you don’t see a marked improvement in your confidence on the court, and your ability to work with your players, their parents and officials, then don’t take out a full subscription. It’s as simple as that.

And don’t forget, you’ve got a full four weeks to try before you buy.

And if the Florida Gators doesn’t make it through to the final four, you’ll get a year’s subscription FREE!

What you get in your $1 trial

To start your 6 issue trial, click on the link below now. A trial membership is just $1 through your credit card.

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signing up:

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The next four issues of Basketball Coach Weekly will be sent to your inbox each week in just the same way as regular subscribers so you can experience the same convenient service that many other fellow coaches enjoy.

Basketball Coach Weekly’s report: 9 Plays Every Coach Needs. Discover the plays that will transform your season and get your players producing results you never thought possible.

Basketball Coach Weekly’s report: 10 Proven Tips for a More Successful Season. What is it that separates the haves from the have nots? Find out with this exclusive report that details how to get the most out of your team, no matter what their standard.

100% money-back guarantee

100-satisfaction-guaranteed-blue-300x196I am confident that Basketball Coach Weekly can help all basketball coaches of players aged six and upwards across the globe.

So, when you take out a trial to Basketball Coach Weekly you are fully covered by my 100% money-back guarantee.

If my Basketball Coach Weekly e-magazine does not help you become a better basketball coach, you can have ALL your money back. No problem, no worries, no awkward questions asked.

It’s as simple as that.

So take out your $1 trial to Basketball Coach Weekly today and you’ll receive issues on Florida and Kentucky straight away, ready for the weekend games.

This is a unique chance to be involved in something special from the beginning. Become a visionary and take your coaching to the next level.

Yours in basketball,


Michael Austin, Head Coach

P.S. Just think how much time and effort you’ll now save each week, simply by using our carefully-selected basketball coaching tips. No more searching the Internet to find something to do with your team on the weekend. And no more worrying about whether your coaching is up to scratch. It’s all taken care of for you – courtesy of Basketball Coach Weekly.

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