Basketball Out-Of-Bounds Plays

Parker Post-Up

Parker Post-Up

When your best player is a forward, look to pound the post, especially on an inbound play where the big man starts at the top of the key. The Situation Duke just had tipped off at home against Vermont. After being awarded the ball under the basket, the Blue Devils looked to their top player, […]

Break stack for lob at the rim

Break stack for lob at the rim

From the playbook of Jay Wright, Villanova University head coach A free-throw-line stack is the perfect call against young or inexperienced players who tend to lose focus during out-of-bounds plays as all you need is a split-second to score. Why use it Surprisingly trailing unranked Marquette at home last month, Villanova’s Jay Wright made a […]

Cyclones' out-of-bounds play

Cyclones’ Out-of-Bounds Play

The Iowa State Cyclones were climbing a second-half uphill battle against in-state rival Iowa earlier this month and used this out-of-bounds play to pass the ball back to the inbounder and keep the momentum going. Why use it Trailing by seven with eight minutes remaining, Iowa State was on the verge of erasing a 20-point, […]

Try 3 Simple, Sure-Fire Inbound Sets

Drill the movements in practice, then unleash these easy-to-execute pressure breakers on an overly aggressive zone defense WHY USE IT Install multiple methods to beat zone presses to keep the defense guessing and build your offense’s confidence in subduing pressure. SET UP Go with a 4-across in two of the sets while the other features positioning two players in the frontcourt. HOW TO […]

Side Inbound Vs. Zone

When facing a 1-3-1 in a side out-of-bounds situation, attack the short corner then send a cutter through the lane for a high-percentage shot WHY USE IT The weakness in a 1-3-1 zone is the short corner – the area below the three-across defenders but away from the lone low defender. Get the ball to this area and watch the court open. […]