Zip Past Defenses With ‘Road Runner’

Flood one side of the floor, then seal the other side to set up a dribble drive for an attacking layup or a kick-out pass for a 3-pointer against a 2-3 zone.

This play creates a numbers advantage on one side of the floor, then forces a low defender into a decision that leaves you with an open scoring opportunity regardless of whichever way the defender moves. 

Your point is at the top. Your guards are on the wings and forwards/center are on opposite blocks. Be sure your wings are wide to pull those top defenders an extra step to the side, which sets up better impending screens. 

1 passes to 2. 4 moves to the high side of 5. 3 flashes to the ball-side elbow. 2 then passes back to 1 [diagram 1].

1 dribbles over to the opposite side higher than the elbow. 3 pops out. 2 slides to the corner. 4 shifts high toward the right elbow. 1 passes across to 3 [diagram 2].

4 sets a ball screen on the ball-side top defender for 3. 5 screens the center of the zone. 3 drives and reads the low defender. If the defender steps to the ball, then 3 kicks out to 2. If the defender steps toward the corner, then 3 shoots. [diagram 3]. 

As long as 4 and 5 set solid screens, there is no one left to defend the right side of the floor other than the low defender. Teach 3 how to fake out the low defender. 3 uses his or her eyes, body or the dribble direction to shift the defender into an impossible position.

    1. Shift the defense by passing to the wing, then sending a pass back toward the top to the point guard
    2. Flood the right side of the floor with 3 and 4 coming from the left and settling along the right lane line

    3. 1 dribbles left and occupies the top defender on this side of the floor … this dribble also moves the right top defender toward the middle, which sets up the impending ball screen

    4. 5 sets a critical screen in the middle, which leaves just the low defender on the right side to attempt to stop two people
    5. 3 reads the low defender and either kicks out a pass to 2 in the corner, or attacks the hoop if the defender cheats toward 2

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