Wall Off A 3-Pointer

The initial action pushes the ball left before setting up a low wall for a shooter to slip through en route to an open 3-pointer on the right wing.

Utilizing two screens to force defenders to go high or low when attempting to guard a potential shooter is a fantastic way to create space.

The ball is on the right side of the set with a player at each elbow, one on the ballside wing and another on the weak-side block.

The ball handler dribbles at the right wing, who curls around a high screen and receives the ball. The screener rolls to the hoop as the opposite elbow shifts to the ball-side elbow [1]. The new ball handler starts shifting the defense left as he dribbles in that direction off a ball screen. The player on the right wing hustles to the left side [2]. After setting the ball screen, that player rolls low and works with the right post on a double screen just as the player on the left block sprints between them. The screeners close the wall. The pass is made and an open 3-pointer is taken [3].

Wall Off A 3-Pointer

The wall is the critical point of the play. These players stand side by side and do not allow a defender to split them. The wall provides the shooter enough time to set his or her feet and make it a quality shot.

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