‘Voodoo’ Conjures Up 3 Options

The actions aren’t that complicated but produce 3 legitimate scoring options — one of which is a corner 3-pointer while the other two are high-percentage shots near the rim.

This essentially is a two-man play as 3 and 5 hang near the perimeter to pull their defenders away from the action. This creates more space near the hoop and makes it easier to score.

1 takes the ball out on the side. 5 and 3 align outside the 3-point line looking at 1 as if they are about to move toward the ball. 4 is on the ball-side block with 2 on the opposite block.

4 steps into the lane and screens for 2. 2 sprints along the baseline toward the ball-side corner. 1 passes to 2 if open but generally the defense has this well-covered, so 4 seals the defender, catches an inbound pass and makes a 1-on-1 move [diagram 1].

If 4 has a defender on his or her back, 4 comes toward the ball and catches the inbound as 2 moves high. 1 follows the pass [diagram 2].

4 hands off the ball to 1. 1 dribbles and attacks the hoop for a layup [diagram 3].

Those simple first motions in Diagram 1 set up the remaining options. The defenders become worried about 2, which allows 4 to establish low position and catch the inbound pass deep into the set. On the handoff option, it’s important 2 comes high to pull his or her defender away from the hoop.

    1. Watch the defense cheat toward the corner as it’s expected you are using the inside screen to free a shooter coming in that direction
    2. 4 has a 1-on-1 situation here with the focus in the corner and on the perimeter — execute a post move and score

    3. 4 establishes position with a defender behind him or her so 1 has a clear passing lane to get the ball into play
    4. 2 relocates higher into the set pulling the defender away from the hoop so no one is back to help when 1 attacks off the dribble

    5. 1 takes the ball from 4 and goes hard at the rim for a power layup while anticipating contact as defenders scramble back

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