Utah: Kickback to screener for 3

From the Utah men’s team playbook

The upper half of a double screen to free a corner player eventually pops to the wing and is wide open for a 3-pointer when the lower half pins the closest defender.

Why use it

The Utah men’s team ran this play against Oregon in the Pac-12 play. It gives the appearance you want a 3-pointer at the top of the set for the player coming out of the corner off a double screen, but the intent is to use an extra pass and get the ball to one of the screeners.

Set up

The player you want shooting the ball is dribbling at the top. Place your center on the right elbow with a good shooter in the corner.

Utah: Kickback to screener for 3

How to play

3 passes left to 2 on the wing, then runs right and joins 5 in setting a double screen for 1. 4 crosses through the lane from the right wing to the left corner. 1 comes off the double screen and heads toward where 4 started [1]. 3 finishes the screen to allow 1 to flash high and toward the ball. 2 passes to 1 and at this point it looks as if this play is designed for 1 to shoot. 5 turns in and seeks out the low weak-side defender [2]. 3 pops to the perimeter and catches the ball. 5 pins the defender, which gives 3 plenty of time to shoot the 3-pointer [3].


With the defense anticipating 1 shooting, both 1’s and 3’s defenders shift toward the top on the pass from 2 to 1. 3 spaces wide enough so he or she has the opportunity to catch the ball and shoot before any defender recovers.

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