Use The Baseline To Your Advantage

If the other team just scored and you have the option to run the baseline, don’t waste it — use it to shift defenders, create confusion and set up a last-second shot.

This play creates a pair of last-second options with the second having the inbounder run the baseline to create a better passing angle to a potential shooter. There is enough time for the inbounder to see if the first option is going to come open before looking for the second.

Just like the previous play, you are in a Horns set. Your guards are in opposite corners. Your posts are at opposite elbows. 3 is your inbounder.  

4 steps across to screen for 5. 5 cuts to the right wing as 2 elevates from the right corner toward the top of the set to the outside of 5 [diagram 1].

2 continues toward the right wing. 5 readies for a potential inbound pass as 4 shifts high after setting the screen. 3 passes to 5 if open for a shot [diagram 2].

The second option is for 3 to run the baseline from right to left. This creates a passing angle to 2. 3 passes to 2 for the shot [diagram 3].

Work on this play a lot at practice if you want to install it — the timing is critical. 3 must recognize if 5 is coming free for the inbound pass because if not, then 3 sprints the baseline to get in position to pass to 2.

    1. The screen from 4 for 5, then having 2 shift high rubbing off 5’s right shoulder creates confusion for the defense as to who to guard

    2. 4 moves out of the lane pulling his or her defender higher than either potential shooter so 4’s defender can’t close out on 2 or 5
    3. If 5 is open, 3 makes this long pass, then 5 catches and shoots before the defense recovers

    4. If 5 isn’t coming open or 3 simply decides to use the second option, based on how things are progressing, 3 runs the baseline to the other side of the hoop
    5. 2 is coming free around the perimeter with defensive focus on 5 and 4 on the opposite side of the court

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