Triple-option pinch can’t be stopped!

Look for an initial handoff, a developing post-up and if those options fail, send the player in the opposite corner off a weak-side double screen to curl into the lane for a catch and layup.


Why use it

This play keeps all five players involved and is almost certain to produce a score if the actions are run properly as the defense simply can’t be in three scoring areas at once.

Set up

The ball starts on the left wing with your point guard. Place another guard at the top and a guard/forward (3) in the ball-side corner. Your posts are on opposite lane lines.

Triple-option pinch can't be stopped!

How to play

1 passes to 2 at the top. 4 elevates to the weak-side elbow (pinch post) and receives a pass from 2. 2 curls around the pass [1]. 4 hands off to 2 if that option is open. 2 then pulls up or attacks. If 2 isn’t available, 4 passes across to 1. 5 has sealed his or her defender as
the ball goes from right to left. 1 looks to 5 in the post as 3 clears to the opposite corner [2]. A final option is to have 2 cut to the wing if the handoff isn’t available. 1 and 5 run toward the left corner and set a double screen for 3. 3 curls into the lane. 4 passes to 3 on the run for the high-percentage scoring chance [3].


The threat of the handoff draws a lot of defensive attention because it’s hard for the opposition to know who has the ball when 4 and 2 come together. Have 4 hold and hide the ball on his or her left hip.



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