Transition Post Pop & Screener Action

Use your trailing big man to set a high ball screen, which eventually leads to a pass back and your center flashing high or the point curling off a low screen.

As defenses scramble back in transition, a high ball screen opens multiple scoring options, which includes the point guard coming off screen-the-screener action for a mid-range jumper.

4 is trailing the play, then sets up at the top of the key. The point guard is dribbling on the left side with 3 on the ball-side wing, 2 on the weak-side wing and 5 on the weak-side post.

4 comes high and sets the ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles across the top off the screen. 2 relocates to the corner as 3 cuts toward the left-side block [1]. 4 pops after setting the screen and receives a pass back from 1. 1 then moves low to screen for 5. 3 starts to screen across. 5 sets up the defender by stepping toward 3, then curling around 1’s screen and comes to the elbow [2]. If 5 is open, 4 passes to 5 for the jumper. At the same time, 3 screens for the screener (1). 1 moves low, uses the screen and curls to the left short corner. Another option for 4 is to pass to 1 for the jumper [3].

Instruct 3 to get out of the lane after the screen-the screener action so not to be called for a three-second violation.

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