‘Tip Forward’ Starts Your Scoring

When you have a leaping advantage in the center circle, use it by tipping the ball forward to start and having your wings sprint toward the hoop on opposite sides of the floor.

Get your scoring off to a quick start by snaring two points before the other team has a chance to react. If you have someone who you know can control the tap, have him or her exploit this advantage to gain a 2-0 lead. 

Put your best jumper (or simply your tallest player) in the middle. Position a forward ahead of the circle with your point guard (1) deep to defend. 2 and 3 start wide on opposite wings.  

The ball is tossed by the referee and 5 tips directly to 4. 2 and 3 fly down their lanes heading toward the basket [diagram 1].

4 turns with the ball and hits 3 sprinting toward the basket as 2 continues to race to the hoop on the opposite side [diagram 2].

3 goes hard to the hoop and scores the power layup as 2 crashes the boards to grab an offensive rebound if the ball spins off the rim [diagram 3].

Tell 2 and 3 they must start sprinting up the floor as soon as 5 tips to 4. Defenders sometimes don’t react quickly off the opening tap, which gives you an advantage if 2 and 3 are quickly moving. 4 doesn’t always have to pass to 3, obviously, as if 2 is the player coming free on the opposite side, then instruct 4 to pass to 2.

    1. Position the player you expect to win the tip in the middle and when the ball is tossed, this player aggressively leaps and tips it forward
    2. As soon as the tip is sent forward to 4, 2 and 3 are sprinting through their lanes — they must be going all out to gain a step on their defenders

    3. 4 catches the ball and immediately pivots, then delivers a strike to either 3 or 2 heading toward the basket
    4. 3 wants to catch the ball and, if possible, keep the ball off the ground while scoring at the hoop before the defender recovers

    5. 2 attacks the glass and is in prime position for a follow-up tip-in in case of a miss by 3

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