Stop Dribble Penetration

Help defenders must be ready to stop dribble penetration, even when it occurs near the baseline, then back toward the top

The ball is located on the wing with the on-ball defender tightly guarding. The post defenders front their responsibilities if those offensive players are inside the box. The weak-side wing defender cannot lose track of the weak-side offensive player. If he does, a backdoor cut and easy score becomes possible.

The ball handler drives toward the baseline and is met by a post defender. The weak-side post defender slides over to disrupt a possible post-entry pass [1]. The ball handler picks up the dribble and fires a pass back to the top. The top-left defender jumps outside the pack to guard the ball. The initial on-ball defender shifts to the left-top spot [2]. On the catch, the top offensive player sees an opening and tries to dribble into the middle of the defender. The ball handler is met by the top-right defender in the gap. The post defenders shift in front of their offensive responsibilities [3].


Be ready for the quick kickout pass from the dribbler to the right wing in Diagram 3. This is where the Pack-Line Defense can be vulnerable. It takes a dedicated, quick guard to close out on the shooter if the pass is made.

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