Spread Out & Create 1-On-1

When you have a player capable of catching a long pass, turning and beating the defender 1-on-1, this is the perfect play to run.

Many great full-court, lategame sets involve lots of screening, quick passes and player movement to create an open shot. This play uses those actions but it’s in an effort to create a 1-on-1 situation.

The University of Ohio men’s team ran this play to beat Buffalo earlier this season. A multi-dimensional player is placed at the far foul line.

Have your point guard flash toward the ball coming off a screen from 2, who has moved into the front court, then doubles back for the screen. Most defenses will overplay a point guard flashing to the ball [1]. 4 moves up and screens for 2. 2 uses the screen to come free and set up in the left corner. 5 keeps his defender on his back, makes a big target with outstretched arms and receives a long inbound pass [2]. 1 has moved into the front court and is in an open window on the right side. 2 is open in the left corner. The spacing has left 5 in a 1-on-1 situation. 5 puts the ball on the floor and attacks the defender, scoring at the rim [3].

Spread Out & Create 1-On-1

If 5 is defended well, a kickout pass to 2 or 1 is an option, or even a pass back to 4 on the left wing.

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