Space & Drive

Initial action creates space for your best ball handler to take the defender off the dribble and get to the rim

Constantly running defenders off screens creates room at the top for a dribble-drive opportunity.

Dayton led Ohio State, 35-32, early in the second half. This play netted a couple easy points and begins with the scorer located on the left block.

The scorer doesn’t have an initial responsibility and waits for the early action to clear. The ball handler dribbles off a high ball screen and passes to a player popping to the right wing. The passer moves to the right corner as the middlelow player locates to the left corner [1]. The screener rolls and downscreens for the player you want to score. The scorer comes high and receives a pass [2]. On the catch, the scorer attacks the left side of the lane. The post-up player moves slightly higher and picks off both defenders making the layup opportunity an easy one [3].

basketball dribbling play

The spacing provides the scorer plenty of space to create off the dribble. Instruct players to remain in the corners and on the right wing – it draws their defenders away from the hoop and they are available for a kick-out pass if necessary.

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