Slip the screen to beat the defense and score

Why use this play

  • Run enough ball screens on the wing and defenders begin knowing your tendencies.
  • Have the screener slip the screen and force the defense back on its heels.

Set up

  • The point guard has the ball on the right wing withanother guard close and a forward moving to the ballside corner.

How to play

  • 1 dribbles into the set then passes back to 2 curling behind him or her.
  • 4 moves to the ball-side corner [1].
  • 2 then passes to 4.
  • 5 moves from the weak-side block and screens for 2 after the pass.
  • 2 relocates to the top as 3 shifts to the weak-side wing.
  • 1 moves into position to ball screen for 4 [2].
  • 1 executes the ball screen then rolls to the baseline.
  • 4 dribbles high and is about to receive a second ball screen form 5, but 5 slips the screen as the defenders jump to the perimeter.
  • 4 passes to 5 for the easy layup [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this play

Slip the screen to beat the defense and score

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • Throw the pass to 5 as soon as 5 slips the screen.
  • Neither defender has an opportunity to recover before 5 shoots.
  • Now, the next time you run a ball screen on the wing, the defense can’t cheat high.
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