Short-Corner Skip Pass

Move the ball into the short corner against a zone, then look across the court for a shooter moving into an open spot on the weak-side wing.

The opposite wing sometimes is wide open for a zone-attack offense when the ball moves into the short corner. Use this drill to practice executing a proper pass and shot in this situation.

A player at the top has a ball. Another player is at the free throw line. Place someone on the wing and another in the strong-side short corner. A final player, who serves as the defender, is low in the lane.

Pass from the top to the wing, then to the short corner. The defender closes out to the short corner [1]. As the defender closes out, the player at the free throw line dives to the hoop as the initial passer relocates to the opposite wing. A skip pass is made to the original passer [2]. The receiver takes the shot as the cutter boxes out and rebounds [3].

Short-Corner Give & Go

After the shot, the shooter moves to the foul line and becomes the cutter. The cutter now is the defender. The short-corner player moves to the wing and the wing goes to the top. The defender becomes the short-corner offensive player.

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