Short-Corner Give & Go

Attack the short corner when facing a zone and instruct the passer to cut hard at the hoop after releasing the ball for a quick-score opportunity.

Zone defenses struggle guarding the passer as they focus on new positions in relation to the ball. Exploit this by flashing to the hoop.

A player at the top has a ball. There is a player on the wing and two in the lane. The higher of the two lane players is the defender. You also have a ball and are positioned between the top of wing players.

The action starts with a pass to the wing. On the pass, the defender closes out with arms high as the lower player in the lane relocates to the ball-side short corner [1]. The wing passes to the short corner and flashes to the hoop past the unsuspecting close-out defender. The short-corner player passes to the cutter [2]. The cutter finishes the play with a strong layup as you fire a pass to the shortcorner player, who catches the ball and shoots in rhythm, maximizing the shots taken in this drill [3].

Short-Corner Give & Go

The top player becomes the defender. The defender is now the wing. The wing who shot the layup moves to the short corner. The short-corner player hustles after his/her shots, grabs the ball and moves to the top.

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