Screen Twice, Curl, Catch & Score

The second of Tennessee’s last first-half plays vs. Michigan features a high post executing two screens, curling back to the wing, catching a pass and attacking the rim

Initial screening and ball movement action indicates to the defense the play is moving left … but you know it’s a set up to attack the right.

Four players are located above the free-throw line. Your fifth player occupies a defender on the left side.

The point guard passes to the wing, then sprints low off a screen from the high post, who then rolls low as well [1]. The wing reverses the ball by passing to the top. The original screener now screens for the other player on the block. That player curls across the lane, uses a second screen and comes free on the opposite wing. Combined with the reversal pass, it now appears the action is heading left. The passer downscreens to free the scorer coming to the wing [2]. The pass goes to the scorer on the right, who catches and attacks the rim as the defense has shifted left [3].


The scorer, who initially screens and moves low, must wait for the action to shift left before coming to the right wing. This makes the defense think the ball is moving left and helps gain space on the floor’s right side.