Screen, Step Back & Shoot

Inbounding from the baseline, run some dummy action near the ball as your shooter pops high after setting an off-the-ball screen.


While the 76ers are struggling this year, this is a perfect late-game baseline set the team ran to tie the score with five seconds left vs. Orlando in the season’s first week.


Your shooter (4) begins inside the free-throw circle facing away from the ball. Two guards are positioned near the ball-side corner.


The guards circle around each other with 1 moving to the corner and 2 running from the corner along the baseline to create distracting action for the defense. 4 moves high and screens for 3, who flashes toward the ball [1]. 3 has hands in a ready position as if he’s about to receive the pass. 2 circles around the weak side. 1 moves into a ball-side shooting window as 4 pops high after setting the screen. The pass is made from 5 to 4 [2]. 4 takes the catch and shooter jump as 5 enters play to rebound [3].


Have 5 use a ball fake as 3 flashes toward the ball to draw more defensive attention away from the perimeter. 5 must crash the boards as most defenders forget about the inbouder. This is a perfect offensive rebounding opportunity.

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