Screen Sets Up Backside Shooter

Give your shooter an opportunity to win the game by running that player off a hard off-ball screen before circling to the backside for a 3-pointer.

When fewer than 3 seconds remain on the clock, your options are limited. Defenses tend to overplay the initial receiver and lose track of backside player.

The University of Connecticut ran this play at the end of regulation during its first NCAA Tournament game last year against St. Joe’s. The shot missed but the actions were run perfectly.

The point guard (1) comes across and screens for the shooter (2). Your big man flashes up the middle of the floor with hands high ready for a pass [1]. 3 inbounds to 5. Watch multiple defenders attack 5, which allows 2 to break free up the court. 5 fires a fast pass (possibly before landing after catching the inbound pass) to 2. 1 circles into the front court [2]. 2 only has a couple seconds to get into the best position to shoot. In this instance, he takes one dribble and fires a running jumper [3].

Screen Sets Up Backside Shooter

Ideally you want the shooter to square and get off a good shot. 5 needs to look in both directions upon receiving the inbound pass as the screener (1) may be free on the opposite side of the floor.

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